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Friday, Nov. 17
Today is my detox D-day, and the end result is all good. After two days of fasting and five days of a rice/fruit/veggie diet, here are the results: I have lost weight (perhaps as much as 10 pounds) and generally feel less bloated and puffy. My allergic reactions to food and allergens have dissipated. I have no cravings for coffee and only a minor craving for sugar. I have no cravings for carbs. I do not feel deprived. I feel in control. I am more optimistic about my health—and that in itself is healthy. I sleep better. My energy level is fine. I am more conscious about what I consume. I am flat-out healthier! And I sweat a lot less—something my girlfriend appreciates. (Annick's detox results have been essentially the same as mine.) The extreme hot-and-cold water hydrotherapy was a killer to the end, but I sort of enjoyed the challenge of the pain endurance! Overall, I highly recommend this program as a viable way for anyone to look and feel better and build better dietary practices without huge amounts of pain.